Mobile Laser Tag

Mobile Laser Tag

Finally, Mobile Laser Tag – done the professional way!

Most important, a mobile laser tag system needs to be very light and easy to move around, quick to set-up and consistently reliable. In fact, Delta Strike’s mobile system fits the bill perfectly.
Delta Strike Mobile Laser Tag
  1. WiFi Game Control
    First, communicate with the main computer and remote control wirelessly for easy game control and hassle-free setup.
  2. Scoreboard Screen
    Second, scoreboard software displays a stunning visual representation of post-game statistics, ready for players to view as soon as they are done with their session.
  3. Game Software
    Third, Delta Strike’s game management software controls and displays game operations, fully automated and very simple to use.
  4. Charging Status
    Also, LED display panel on the front of the case notifies you which phasers are ready for action. (In addition, plugs into an outlet for automated charging.)
  1. Store and Charge
    In addition, when phasers are placed in their storage holsters, they will automatically start charging. Perfect for continuous gaming!
  2. Wireless Phasers
    Furthermore, Mobile Phasers communicate wirelessly and operate without a typical laser tag vest. Also, phasers can be tagged on the front and sides, and can be adjusted to work in light or dark conditions.
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