Laser Tag Arena Components

Interactive Arena Components for your laser tag arena.
Watch our videos explaining how essential those components are for your Laser Tag Arena.

Video Base Station (VBS)

How does a player know what to do when they see a Video Base Station?
Easy! All the information is on the screen! Essentially, the Video Base Station becomes the instructor!

Video Base Station - VBS Laser Tag

With high definition graphics, colorful videos, and punchy audio, customers truly love the Video Base Station!

Delta Strike’s Video Base Station delivers a whole new set of video game-style features into the arena.

Besides, players can now:

  • Gain bonus points, power-ups
  • Get special abilities to pick up special items.
  • Re-spawn into the game
  • Reload ammunition
  • Capture game items for their team
  • Laser Tag Arenas just got a lot more intelligent!

Hex Base Station

Liven up your Arena by making it interactive.

Hex Base Station - Laser Tag

The wall-mounted Hex Base Stations are brighter, louder, bigger, and provide more game-play interactivity than our previous Acrylic Base Station.

Uniquely, each arm can be tagged individually, providing a game-within-a-game functionality.

Other Standard game-play functionality includes:

  • Power-ups
  • Respawn stations
  • Time bombs
  • Base station capture games

Energy Gate

Delta Strike’s Energy Gates uses high-intensity light beams to create virtual illuminated doorways in the arena.
These “gates” can be lit with any of our standard game colors.

Energy Gate - Laser Tag

Energy Gates are multi-purpose. For instance, when illuminated red, they will allow the red team to go through unaffected while blue players will be tagged.

Other functions include re-spawn stations, power-ups, and reload gates.

Note: In late 2017, Delta Strike Energy Gate modules were substantially upgraded with higher Intensity light beams, louder speakers, and more advanced gaming functionality.

Smart Target

Liven up your Arena by making it interactive.

Smart Target - Laser Tag Arena

The new Smart Targets are wall-mounted modules that communicate with the gaming software via WIFI.

Depending on the game being played, they have many modes of operation, including:

  • Power-ups
  • Respawn stations
  • Time bombs
  • Base station capture games

Micro and Nano Targets

The Micro Target is one of the most important additions to the Arena.
It’s easy to underestimate these powerful little devices – add 20 to 40 to your arena, and the fun really begins.

Nano and Micro Target - Laser Tag

Players can earn extra points by tagging a micro-target whenever they see one.

Different colors represent different points. Availability of these point factors can vary from game to game or even during the game itself.

Micro Targets also provide fantastic fun for small groups – it’s player VS player VS arena!

Laser Tag Arena Design

Delta Strike has been involved in many highly interactive Laser Tag installations.
Customized arenas are expected now – not a commodity.

Laser Tag Arena Design

Deltas Strike has been involved in many theme park laser tag installations. Theme parks require laser tag on steroids by demanding these systems and arenas be ultra interactive and highly theme, including a creative storyline woven into the gameplay.

These installations demand incredible reliability and the ability for very high throughput.

In today’s multi-attraction facilities, this level of interactivity is also expected! Facilities are looking for a highly themed interactive environment to immerse their customers into the experience.

Our Arena Intelligence Modules are designed “theme park tough” with the ability to meet the high-quality interactive environment of your laser tag arena!

Laser Tag Arena Builders

Delta Strike works with the best companies around the world.
Those are our trusted partners. We have been working together for years and giving solutions to our customers.

Art Attack - Laser Tag Designer

Our Laser Tag Arenas are not for those who want to blend in. With experience in over 400 Arenas Worldwide, our iconic HD Arenas have set a new industry standard. Arenas are infused with HD Graphix.

Creative Works - Laser Tag Designer

WOW your customers with Creative Works attractions and themed environments for the entertainment industry, including laser tag, mini-golf, escape rooms, and arcade attractions.

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