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The IAAPA Winner 2019 – Best New Product Concept

Looking for professional laser tag equipment for your entertainment center? Delta Strike has the right commercial Laser tag equipment for you.


We’ve hit that fine balance again – a sci-fi style laser tag equipment!

Our Genesis laser tag equipment is still lightweight at only 6.1 lbs (less than three kilos) and it feels balanced and comfortable in the hands of players.

Laser Tag Phaser

The Genesis Phaser

Delta Strike has always steered away from that overstated toy look. We’ve maintained Delta Strike’s signature science fiction presentation.

Laser Tag Phaser
Laser Tag Equipment Rubber Over-Mold
Rubber Over-Mold

The rubber over-mold protects your customers from injury.

Laser Tag Equipment High Fidelity Sound
High Fidelity Sound

The speaker is housed in an internal acoustic sound chamber, resulting in the best sounding phaser on the planet. Loud and bassy!

Laser Tag Equipment High Impact Case
High Impact Case

Injection-molded polycarbonate plastic (three times tougher than ABS plastic) for lightweight, superior strength!

Selfie Camera

First Laser Tag Equipment with Selfie Camera

Laser Tag Phaser

The Selfie camera socializes the Laser Tag experience. Players take a photo of themselves before the game starts and this can become their Avatar (optional).

80+ avatar's by default (100% customized)
Flash Built-in
Integrated with "Brag-Shot" feature

Lcd Touch Screen

Durable, highest resolution display in the industry.

Genesis has the largest, highest resolution display in the laser tag industry. We’ve ensured it can take the knocks with Tempered Glass protection covering and is surrounded with double foam.

Laser Tag Phaser
Laser Tag Equipment 4`` Inches LCD
Four Inches LCD

The largest screen in Laser Tag Industry.

Laser Tag Equipment Double Foam
Double Foam

The double foam protection gives extra protection for the Genesis screen.

Laser Tag Equipment 16 Million Colors
16 Million Colors

The Genesis has the largest, highest resolution display, with more colors in the laser tag industry.

Laser Tag Equipment Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass

We’ve ensured it can take the knocks with a Tempered Glass covering.

Star Laser

New Equipment, New Laser!

The phaser incorporates a wide-angle star laser. Aside from just looking spectacular, it also emulates the wide-angle infrared beam when the blaster phaser is used.

Laser Tag Equipment Star Laser

Laser Tag Vest

The Genesis Laser Tag vest is Jacket Style, making it comfortable, lightweight, and more intuitive to wear.

Laser Tag Equipment Vest
Shoulders and Front Sensors:

Each shoulder sensor has 8 LEDs, and each front sensor has 14 LEDs that flash, fade, and dissolve into any color!

Haptic Vibrator:

The vest has a haptic vibrator in the front and back of the vest (in addition to the haptic vibrator in the phaser) – now players can detect which direction they are getting tagged from! In addition to this, each sensor has an infrared emitter – this way, the whole vest can be used as a tagging beacon – handy for specific games like “Agents.”

Magnetic Buckle:

The new vest incorporates a magnetic buckle to ensure players can suit-up quickly, great for younger players. Plus, that magnetic click sound is gratifying – it sounds just like a real space warrior jacket!

Laser Tag Equipment Vest
Cable Channels:

Internal vest wires are ported around the vest through dedicated rubber cable channels. This greatly reduces cable damage by ensuring minimal pinching of the wires!

Dual Speaker:

In addition to the phaser’s speaker, Delta Strike went one step further and incorporated two high fidelity speakers into the vest. These provide players with an audible indication that the vest is being tagged.

The Back Sensor:

The back sensor incorporates 40 LEDs to provide all manner of lighting effects. Combined with the hex pattern, these “backpacks” look truly sci-fi.


More than 100 LEDs are distributed between the sensors

Laser Tag Equipment Players

We’ve added more than 100 LEDs within the Genesis Laser Tag Equipment to create dazzling lighting displays for different game modes.

For instance, the light chaser pattern is used during gameplay to indicate a phaser shot.

Light Chaser Mode
Light Dissolve Mode
Light Fade Mode
Up to 9 Team Colors

Battery Optimization

The most durable and optimized battery in the industry!

Battery life can be affected by various factors like environment and usage patterns. We help you understand these factors to make the Genesis battery more customized to your location and efficient, such as software.

Laser Tag Equipment best battery ever
Laser Tag Equipment Lithium-Ion Battery
Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion is a rechargeable battery.

Laser Tag Equipment Battery Optimization
Battery Optimization

It the ability to preserves battery life by limiting what the equipment does in the background.

Laser Tag Equipment Huge battery life
3200 mAh

Huge battery life

Wireless Charger

Your Laser Tag Equipment will always be ready to use.

The Genesis Vest uses a wireless charger to ensure packs are always charging between games.

Laser Tag Equipment Wireless Charger
Laser Tag Equipment No Cables Breaking
No Cables Breaking

Place the laser tag equipment on the vest hanger to charge, simple as that!

Laser Tag Equipment No Flat Batteries
No Flat Batteries

Wireless Charging ensures your equipment is charging between the games.

Laser Tag Equipment Fast Charge Built-in
Fast Charge Built-in

Being able to charge your laser tag equipment quickly can mean the difference for your business.

Laser Tag Equipment Save Time
Save Time

Built-in wireless Charging means operators don’t need plug cables to the equipment anymore, saving a lot of time for your business.

Self Aware Diagnostic

The most advanced Laser Tag Equipment for your business!

This phaser is smart, so smart that it can provide real-time warnings on suspected faults. This is true self-diagnostic functionality!

The system can also prioritize faults into critical and non-critical so that a player’s game will not be interrupted unnecessarily.

Self-diagnostics greatly reduces downtime and improves player satisfaction!

Laser Tag Equipment Self Aware Diagnostic
Laser Tag Equipment Smart Electronics
Smart Electronics

Ultra-smart electronics provides a real-time warning on suspected faults.

Laser Tag Equipment Faults
Equipment Faults

If faults are non-critical, equipment will continue to operate.

Laser Tag Equipment Auto Report
Auto Report

Owners can log-in to view reports on equipment condition and usage.

Remote Control

The most advanced Laser Tag Remote Control for your business!

Laser Tag Equipment Remote control

Wireless Game Control
You can control the game and players equipment from anywhere in your center.

LCD Touchscreen
Display live game information as well as multilevel menu options.

Infrared Pack Control
Sweep across players to change team colors and reset the equipment.

Marshall Functionality
Operators can use the Marshall mode in the arena to pause, start, and stop player’s equipment.

Quick Color Change
Change packs up to 9 (PRO System) colors direct from the remote control.

This immediately separates your players from your game instructor. It also increases delays and inefficiencies. Enter the Delta Strike’s custom-designed remote… fast, dedicated to the purpose, and intuitive to operate.

Staff is now free to interact with customers instead of a computer. With less than two minutes of training, your operators can start and stop games!

Laser Tag VIP

The VIP phaser has proven to be popular for distinguishing the VIP in any group!

Laser Tag Equipment VIP Phaser

The VIP Phasers are equipped with custom sounds, lighting, and weapons.

Delta Strike created the laser tag VIP equipment for the star player:

The Birthday Child
The Groom
The Boss
The VIP!

Laser Tag Equipment Systems

Comparison between our two systems​

Genesis FEC Genesis PRO
Wireless Charging
Green Checkmark
Green Checkmark
Selfie Camera
Green Checkmark
Green Checkmark
Team Colors
Game Modes
Star Laser
Green Checkmark
Dual Stage Trigger
Green Checkmark
Optical Buttons (Change Phaser type)
Green Checkmark
Membership (Optional Extra - Pro Only)
Green Checkmark
Game Editor Access
Green Checkmark

This laser tag set will stand up to the ongoing vigors of a laser tag environment while providing a premium laser tag experience to your customers.

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How much it cost to set-up a laser tag business?
Laser Tag can get you earning income with as low as $80,000 start-up costs! When compared, this is less than a quarter of the cost to set up most bowling, trampoline, or karting businesses.
Why Delta Strike?
Delta Strike has been developing laser tag products for business for almost 20 years. Delivering high-quality products, amazing reliability, with more than 450 customers worldwide.
Laser Tag ROI?
Laser Tag offers one of the fastest ROI’s in the family entertainment industry. With revenues ranging from $95 to over $200 per square foot, it is hard to find a comparable attraction!
Do I get free support?
With the help of our numerous online support & training resources, you will be able to fix any minor issue yourself. In the unlikely event, you are unable to resolve an issue. Our 24-hour support technicians are just a call away.

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