Laser Tag Software

Our custom laser tag software was made from an operator’s perspective.

DeltaWare the Game Control

Laser Tag Software Game Control at Computer

The DeltaWare software suite is a laser tag commercial system that controls a package that is run from a web browser. That means no resource-intensive software to slow the computer down! This software is optimized to run our commercial laser tag systems and mobile setups alike.


This easy to use software allows operators to:

  • Change game time
  • Change game music
  • Set up special teams

  • Change phaser nicknames
  • Select game modes
  • …many more functions.

Laser Tag Scoreboard

Laser Tag Scoreboard

Our Scoreboard software is editable.
You can change the logo, the background image, the color theming, the fonts, and more…
Delta Strike’s software comes with five standard templates you can choose from.
Each can be adjusted and modified to suit the branding identity of your center.

Create your own Laser Tag Games

Create your Games

With Delta Strike’s software, you can create your own games by duplicating an existing game and editing it.

The Game Editor software has a vast number of variables that can be adjusted to create laser tag games never seen before!

Delta Strike Game Editor software utilizes a trigger-and-event system to create unique game modes, leaving you with a unique story-board.

Using the events system, you can program live actions in-game, such as:

  • Award Powerups
  • Change Phasers
  • Refill Ammunition Phasers

  • Activate Sounds, Haze Machines, etc
  • Change Teams
  • Award Bonus Points

30+ Games

Some of the most exciting laser tag games on the planet!
On your busiest days, we would recommend easy games that are quick to learn and easy to play. For special events and members’ nights, crank it up with some of the hugely popular strategy games.

Laser Tag Zombie Game
Laser Tag Territories Game
Laser Tag Free for All Game
Laser Tag Agents Game
Laser Tag Delta Tag Game
Laser Tag Gladiators Game
Laser Tag Graffiti Game
Laser Tag Sharpshooter Game

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