Membership Software for laser tag

Why Is Membership Important?

…It’s the competition…

When a player realizes their fellow laser tag friend has access to extra weapons, extra upgrades and extra games, they want them too – and so the profit cycle begins.

The only way for players to gain access to these extra’s is from playing more games – it’s that ongoing competition that ensures repeat business for you as the owner/operator.

As an owner/operator you can further fuel that repeat business by advertising special members nights and releasing special games on a regular basis.

The Membership leaderboard keeps Members in touch with who has the most points.
Delta Strike Membership Leaderboard
Laser Tag - Membership Card

Membership Cards

These are the size of a credit card and allow members to log-on to their phaser and the members kiosk.

Delta Strike utilizes proximity cards (also known as RFID cards), which are swiped past the side of the phaser gun for easy login. They can be printed, providing an excellent advertising opportunity.

At the beginning of a game, the member logs-onto their phaser by swiping their member’s card over the login logo.

They can then access their personal setup of phaser name, weapons and attachments.


Members earn credits every time they play. Points are earned every time they tag another player or shoot targets. Their credits can be used in the membership kiosk to purchase newer weapons and attachments for use in upcoming games.

Delta Strike Membership Credits
Delta Strike Infographic - Better Profits


Saturdays and Sundays are usually the busiest days of the week. We recommend that memberships are used mostly during weekdays - this ensures that games are kept fair for casual players during your busy weekends and members start to fill-up your quieter weekday time-slots. However, a member will still earn points during non-member games when they login.


Here's what happens:

  • Non-members want what their friends have, i.e. special prices, extra weapons, access to the membership kiosk and invitations to special members nights - so they join as well.
  • The new Member then buy games so they can access new weapons.
  • As soon as they have upgraded to a new weapon, the Member want the next, more advanced model - so they play more games!
  • Once they have that new weapon they’ve been saving their points for - they will want to play another game just to try it out!
  • Competition with friends for the highest score keep players coming back.
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